Friday, September 21, 2012


Every now and again I see a sweet picture of a baby. Usually they are all dressed up in adorable clothes with matching shoes. They have a clean face, are either happy or peaceful, and are perhaps nestled into the arms of their loving mothers, or even better, the strong hands of their daddy. When I see these "make you cry" pictures I think, "I'd like to have another one."

Every now and again I see a mom struggling to maintain the chaos as she wrestles her 3 kids into the car. I see a kid with chocolate EVERYWHERE. I see marker on the wall. I see throw up in the isle at the store. I see groceries rolling through the parking lot, coming from a bag that was just tossed out of the buggy by a 3 year old. When I see an infant screaming at the top of their lungs, totally inconsolable, and a momma trying her stressed-to-the-max best to get the screaming stopped, I think, "Thank you, GOD, that's not mine".

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